It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2021 Effie Awards India competition.

Since 1968, Effie has championed the value of effective marketing as the fuel for meaningful business and organizational growth. The Effie Awards focus on honoring the most effective ideas of the year –ideas that work. Winning Effie campaigns demonstrate that they have met or exceeded challenging goals.

The written case brief is a key part of the Effie Awards entry because it details the competitive environment, objectives, goals and evidence of performance. It is the basis of the judgement. Reviews of winning case briefs have shown that they are clear, concise, compelling and logical. In our experience, winning briefs present their story in an easy to follow style with a minimum of hyperbole. The case should be clear and easy to read.

An Effie cases how cases the same process that creates marketing excellence. Team work across client and agency; an in-depth understanding of the challenge, context and objectives; the insight and idea linked to the challenge; and bringing the idea to life in a way that drives measurable and meaningful results for the brand, organization, and business. We encourage participants to use the Effie process as a way to strengthen the core of creating and learning from great work.

We look forward to seeing your campaign in this year’s competition and you may take advantage by reviewing Effie India shortlist and winners while creating and entering effective work available at


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